The Great Ball Drop: A Look Back at the Month of March


I continue to search for a catchy name for the month wrap-up pieces.

Maybe I should just call them 'Excuses' or 'This is Not the Site You're Looking For: Sorry, I Disappointed Again.'

Except, I promised I'd go easier on myself and those titles have an aura of emotional self-beating. So, I'll just keep searching for a regular title for the monthly look back. Or maybe I never will and just let that be the running theme for the twelve times a year reflection posts.

Going back to the theme of being easier on myself, I can celebrate sticking to my goal of posting something on here every single day this year. Now, when I made that goal it was with the idea that movie reviews were going to be hanging off the rafters because the place was so jam-packed with fresh writing. The plan on January 1st was that the daily content would increase to a few times a day and more importantly, that it would better encapsulate the vison of a movie site with a personal twist that used the exploration of movies to also dig into parenting, mental health, social issues and the creative process.

I can say with the greatest of confidence and I confess that I often don't say enough with such confidence that the site has not fulfilled that goal in 2021.


Because April is knocking away at the door and barging in to be the game changer. The site is going to transform into what I inspired it to be when it relaunched in October.

Why hasn't it yet?

Well, if you've been following this site and I assume you have, because this is the oddest first post to be introduced to Beyond the Balcony, then you know the first part of the year was a circus of trying to land paying clients during a pandemic while helping/motivating/refereeing the kids while they did their online learning. The kids did after almost a year return to in-person learning at the end of February, but to be perfectly honest, I've been in a bit of an emotional war zone while trying land and do client work.

The balancing act of all that has meant the site has suffered and though I've stuck with my goal of always getting something posted, it was often thrown together lists or quick positive thinking posts or a picture of my kids from when they were much younger. Because when I'm buried in anxiety and stresses, apparently my greatest comfort is prancing down the nostalgia lane of my kids' younger years.

Though as I've made clear in some of those posts, I love my kids as much now and I am so proud of who they have become. I just like remembering parts of the journey and oh-my-goodness, were they ever so cute and chubby-cheeked when they were younger.

So, I hope those sticking with me have still enjoyed the site this year and have been able to pluck some value from it. I have been mentally preparing and planning to get myself in a place where the site will be rocking and rolling this coming month.

But I am also aware that this site and my podcast aren't in a spot that I am going to make a living from it any time soon. Most of my day that is without kids needs to focus on landing work for clients and publishers, and then doing that high-quality work for them. There is a very good chance that in the month of April that my kids who have been freshly shipped to school will be spending their days here again and needing my guidance with the online learning adventure all over again.

This site is going to be a major part of my career and I will spend a significant time making this a place that entertains and brings value to my readers. This is a huge goal. But I also need to remind myself there are only so many minutes in a day and only a small part of them can be focused on this site when there are paying projects to be done and roaming adventurers to be tamed.

This means April will be a good time to try out my dare to be awful. Even when the voices scream my article sucks, I need to push forward and at least give it a chance to be accepted and loved. I can't pour in my soul yearning for perfection before hitting publish but rather just trust what I am creating is enough for my readers. I'm going to try to create and craft my very best, but I'm also not going to talk myself out of doing something because I don't believe I'm good enough or I get psyched out because I don't think I am worthy of the subject that I am analyzing and writing about. 

The plan is to not only beef up the written reviews and start the long-awaited MCU and Disney animated theatrical release review series, but I hope to really start swirling in my personal touches as I analyze major movie news items or use movies to explore parenting, mental health, creative process, social issues and life itself.

But that is April. And this is March. Even though March wasn't the grand slam of writing awesome that I hoped, there are a few writing highlights.

6 Years of Adventure, Attitude and Adorableness: Happy Birthday Danika -A tribute to my little warrior princess as I reflect on 6 incredible years and how proud I am of the lady she is becoming.

Further Evidence My Wife is Amazing: Check out the incredible cake that Emily made for Danika.

Remembering Walter Gretzky: My tribute to a Brantford legend and an amazing human being.

As well, there was episodes of The Movie Breakdown.

The Breakdown of All the Boys: Always and Forever, Malcolm & Marie and Calibre

The Breakdown of A Simple Plan, Bliss and I Care a Lot

The Breakdown of 48 Hrs., Coming 2 America and The Dig

The Breakdown of King Kong (1933), Moxie and The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

The Breakdown of King Kong (1976), Finding 'Ohana, Yes Day and The Last Blockbuster

Of course, the site also had a few list pieces, attempts at positive thinking advice and a small army of older picture of my kids. You'll get a good dose of Spicerness if you peruse through my March offerings.

April is going to be a huge month for me, and I'll keep you updated on all the big things happening with my career and also serve of an assortment of piping hot reviews and thoughts.

As always, thank you for sticking with me and reading my stuff through the years. It means so much to me and I appreciate everyone who has checked out some of my stuff. Thank you.