The Rise of a New Cake Artist in the Spicer Family


As a regular reader knows, my wife Emily recently had her birthday. You also may know that Emily has the wonderful habit of creating some amazing birthday cakes for our kids' birthdays. There is also a good chance you know that Danika absolutely adores art and loves crafting various creations. 

It shouldn't be Earth-shattering news that when she discovered I was baking a cake she wanted to mold her own fondant art for her mom. For an 8-year working such material for the first time, I'd say she nailed it. Of course, she has many years of Play-Doh works of art to build to this momentous occasion.

The original plan was to do the entire family but due to not enough fondant or time, it became a recreation of her and Mom along with a large heart and one of our dogs, Piper. It is very cute, but I am sure if she had a few more hours unicorns and pandas would have been added. It is a great cake that deserves recognition along with all her mom's masterpieces.

I love how much Danika engages with the arts, but what I love even more, is her giant heart and how much she uses her gifts to brighten the lives of others.