The Breakdown of the Best Movies of 2020

It is finally here. Our biggest show of the year and definitely one of our favourite episodes we do every year. We celebrate the best movies of the past year. I know 2020 was a really strange year, and how movies were distributed and discussed were very different from past years. But despite how it may feel and even though there were a lot less big studio movies, there actually were a lot of movies released this year, Even more importantly, there were a lot of great movies that came out this year. This week we spotlight some of those great pictures as we both reveal our top ten movies of the year. I stand by the idea that the more different our lists, the more it is an indication it was a great movie year. Even though 2020 may have crapped the bed like Capone in many ways, it shined when it came to delivering a diverse away of wonderful pictures.

This is always a really fun show to record, and we really hope you love it too. It will hopefully give you a list if movies that you can track down and watch over the next several weeks. If you loved this show, then please help us out by spreading the word on social media to other movie fans.

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The links are provided for the movies with a review.
Christopher's Top Ten Movies of 2020:

10. Palm Springs
8. Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
6. Onward
2. Hamilton
1. Soul

Scott's Top Ten Worst Movies:

10. She Dies Tomorrow
8. Palm Springs
6. First Cow
3. Another Round
2. The Assistant
1. Never Rarely Sometimes Always