Looking Back at January: Not the Greatest Start but It was a Start

I had the goal of posting something every day in 2021, and so far, I have succeeded at that. Though my hope had been to be posting several movie reviews, pop culture deep-dives, insightful personal anecdotes and some creative writing pieces. Instead, it was mostly just throwing up a picture or doing a quick list in order to meet my goal. Simply put, 2021 has taken some adjusting with my kids still at home needing help with online schooling, the world blasting fireballs of despair and my own need to get client work done during those non-distraction stuffed hours of the day. 

I did post something every day, and so I am deciding to take that as a win. The hope is to continue to master my time management and dig deeper into positive thinking so that this site can thrive in 2021. I already know this week will end up being a wash, because I have a major project for a client, but after this, the writing will be like a magic pink cloud raining Skittles. Deliciousness and hyper-activity for all.

What I want to start doing at the end/beginning of each month is doing a quick recap of the past thirty or so days of the site. I would post my favourite pieces that I feel are worth reading. I'd post all the movies that I reviewed and as well, the episodes of The Movie Breakdown that came out that month. Basically, as way to be a handy guide for the stuff to check out that you may have missed. I also will use the piece to list the pop culture that I read or listened to or watched that didn't get an official review. I tried this a few years ago for recapping my movie reviews, but now I'm including more and plan for it to stick.

Article Highlights of January:

Good-Bye 2020, Welcome 2021 and Thank You, Readers: It my annual goals for the upcoming year post but with a twist. Because if any year deserves things being done a little bit different then it is 2021.

Good News: Toronto Star Short Story Contest is Here: I considered this just a throwaway post when I wrote it, but it ended up being one of the most popular pieces of the month. Obviously, people like it when I write about writing.

New Year, New Look: A photo with some parenting thoughts on Everett sporting a new 'do. As a follow-up, he hasn't actually styled it since the first day, so it may need another trimming before he goes back to physical school. So, let the drama unfold.

Why I Don't Write About Politics Anymore: The answer to a question that I have actually received a few times.

Back to School . . . Maybe: Our kids will be returning to physical school on February 16th, I write my thoughts about that here.

A Picture to Perfectly Capture the Personality of Danika: I had a few just post a picture days this past month, but this is my favourite.

Remembering Joanne Pyl: My humble tribute to an amazing woman. It is on pace to being the most read piece of the month and one of the most read pieces of the past twelve months. I am very happy about that. My hope is that some readers that never met Joanne got to learn a little about what is an incredible legacy that she left.

The Movie Breakdown Episodes:

The Breakdown of the Most Underrated Movies of 2020

The Breakdown of the Best Movies of 2020

The Breakdown of the Future of Success of Movies

The Breakdown of 'One Night in Miami', 'Pieces of a Woman', 'The Beastmaster' and 'Pirates! Band of Misfits'

Movie Reviews:

Dick Johnson is Dead: The goal was to write many more, but if I was only going to write one, this was a perfect movie to share and champion.