The Great Spicy February Round-Up: A Month-in-Review

Okay. I haven't quite landed a good title for my end of the month wrap-up piece yet. But February is wrapping up, so time to look back at the highlights on the site.

Not quite the month that I wanted as kids were home all day for a large portion of it, trying to finish a gigantic client project and just life in all its glory meant I wasn't devoting the time that I wanted to the site. That has been 2021 summed up nicely so far. But the hope is that March is going to get its socks rocked straight off with some great writing.

While February won't go down as the month of great writing, it did have writing as I've kept to my goal of having something posted here every day. Even if some of the days felt like a bit of a cheat. Here are some of the writing highlights as decided by me.

The Prettiest Boy of Them All - I briefly discuss my son's love for dresses, and it is a topic I hope to explore more deeply into the future and what this type of thing means to me as a parents and father of a boy.

Smothered with Nostalgia and Mild Sorrow as the Kids Return to School - My personal journey going from a writer terrified of how I will manage things with the kids home all day to a dad coming to terms with not having the kids home all day. 

I Am Going to Be Awful - A different type of writing advice.

Life After the Big Return to School - A follow-up to my other big sappy parenting-life piece of the month.

No written reviews this month, but as always, The Movie Breakdown was here for you.

I am excited to gallop into March. A month where I will post something every day and also will start returning to it being the pop culture with a personal twist site that I've promised.