Updated Ranking of 2022 Movies with Star Rating

This isn't likely to be an ongoing thing this year, but with most of my reviews on the podcast rather than written that means there is a large portion of my audience that may not know where I land on certain movies. So, this is where I imitate Spotify on a constant loop (I was going to say broken record but realize half my readers would need to Google to see what I was talking about) and spout out promises for far more written movie reviews in the future. For now. here is a ranking from my least favourite to the holy grail of 2022 movies along with their initial star rating. 

This is a warning once again that not only are my opinions and star ratings subjective, but my rankings can shift and sway based off how that movie is resonating with me at the moment or how it landed on a rewatch. This is where they stand as of now. 

52. Marmaduke ½*: Animated movies are often some of the most beautiful, thrilling, thoughtful and innovative movies of the year. This one is a feature-length poop joke.
50. Morbius *
48. Moonfall *
46. Choose or Die *½: The concept of a killer video game from the 1980s is amazing but the movie never figures out its own world-building and rules, plus falls into the trap of generic and predictable horror storytelling.
44. Home Team *½
42. Brazen **
39. All the Old Knives **: It feels like a less energetic and poorly paced Spy Game with characters that have ill-defined motives and starts to unravel when the twists are revealed.
37. Ambulance **: Michael Bay's excess is what give the movie hyper energy and has impressive big screen carnage, but it is also what drags down the movie with its bloated run time and keeps us distant from the human story elements.
36. My Son **
35. Senior Year **: Rebel Wilson is fun as an teen trapped in an adult body, but the mixed messaging and ill-defined characters sabotage the fun concept and cast.
34. The Wasteland **½
32. Master **½
31. Windfall **½
30. Better Nate Than Ever **½: I wanted more music in this musical.
29. Moonshot **½
28. The Bubble **½
27. No Exit **½: I may need to revisit this one before year-end, because my affection for it grows the longer that I sit with it.
25. Operation Mincemeat ***: A finely crafted period piece about one of the more wacky World War 2 events in history. It is discussed and reviewed this week on The Movie Breakdown.
22. The House ***
21 Deep Water ***
20. The Bad Guys ***: I got to enjoy this one with Danika at the theatre, and she was wrapped into the adventure the entire time. The animation is fresh with it having an illustrated for a book type look, and the voice work adds personality to the characters. It takes a bit of a different approach than the source material but still packs a heartfelt message about acceptance and friendship.
19. Sneakerella ***: Catchy tunes and fun dance numbers in this musical modern adaption of Cinderella. This is covered on the podcast this week as well. 
18. Metal Lords ***
17. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ***: Sadly, the last review I wrote this year. Once again, repeat after me, there will be more written reviews going forward. Probably should believe it when you read it.
16.  Dog ***  
15. Marry Me ***: Sadly, one of my few written reviews this year, but a romantic comedy worth checking out.
14. Uncharted ***
13. X ***  
12. Scream ***
11. I Want You Back ***½
10. Fresh ***½
9. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 ***½
7. BigBug ***½
6. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ***½: It has the clear voice and visual style of Sam Raimi while providing the thrills and humour of MCU with a strong emotional core as it explores regret, parental love and redemption.
5. The Lost City ***½
4. The Batman ***½
3. Turning Red ****
2. The Northman ****: Director Robert Eggers (who brought us The Witch and The Lighthouse) present the bloody and sweeping Viking version of Hamlet with ample doses of fevered dreams and surrealism. This obviously deserves a full review when I revisit it.
1. Everything Everywhere All at Once ****: It is surreal and wacky and insane and goofy, but it uses the craziness of the multiverse to explore how one deals with their missed opportunities in life, the relationships with those they love and what they do with the life they have. Michelle Yeoh is incredible where she delivers high drama, deep emotion, intense action and hilarious comedy. The best of the year and one of the best of the decade, and we gush about it on the podcast this week. Yes, I need to give this a full review when I have a chance to revisit it as well.

What are your favourite movies of 2022 so far?