May Wrap-up and Ignore the Beginning of the Month Promise

Rinse and repeat.

Here are some of the highlights from this past month.

Why Star Wars is the Greatest Movie Ever: This article is way more personal than the title would suggest as I talk about how this little sweeping space saga sparked my love for writing and many other passions that have defined who I am. As well, this article in an indirect way allowed me to reconnect with my amazing Grade 3 teacher, so that alone makes this a highlight of the month.

Remembering Charles Grodin

Five Movies That Masterfully Launched a Franchise: The type of stuff that I would like to write more on here.

But I'm Grateful. . . : This year has been rough. I try to look at the positive side.

An Ode to Our Fallen Tree: A poem. About a tree. I am as proud as I can be about something that I wrote in under 15 minutes.

Remembering Eric Carle

Remembering Samuel E. Wright

Of course, I had The Movie Breakdown each week.

The Breakdown of Movie Tropes That We Miss

The Breakdown of The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Without Remorse, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Sea of Love

The Breakdown of Things Heard & Seen. Love & Monsters, The War with Grandpa and Remembering Norman Lloyd

The Breakdown of Movies That Have Defined Us

The Breakdown of 'Army of the Dead', 'The Woman in the Window' and 'Modern Times'

I'm done promising the next month will rock off socks. I am doing a huge marketing campaign this week, so I hope that will motivate me to keep it very active this week with reviews and movie news analysis. And whatever other fun things that move me.

So, okay, I'll hype it, June is going to rock on here.